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Moosehead Lake Region Communities

Looking for a cabin in a certain community?  Or want two houses close together?  Click on the links below to view all the properties in a certain area.


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(Moosehead Lake - Southern tip) is the main town in the region, located on the southern tip of Moosehead Lake (Maine’s Largest Lake) and is the gateway to the Moosehead Lake Region. With a population of about 1600 year-round residents, Greenville is a quaint town with many local and original retail shops, a hospital, banks, post offices, school, lots of full-service restaurants, gas stations, grocery & convenience stores, and much more! The following locations are given in relation to Greenville.

Sandy Bay

(Moosehead Lake – Eastern Shore) is located about 4 miles north of Greenville on the eastern shore of Moosehead Lake. This means that most of these properties face west and will enjoy gorgeous sunsets! About half of these cottages do not have their own private waterfront, but enjoy access to a common association waterfront area. This area has a grassy lawn to the shore of Moosehead Lake, with a sandy/pebble bottom swimming area, shared outdoor fire pit & picnic area, and beautiful birch trees. This is a nice quiet area with dirt roads, a great place to go for a walk, ride a bike, or simply relax!

Beaver Cove

(Moosehead Lake – Eastern Shore) is a very popular vacation spot! It is also located on the eastern shore of Moosehead Lake and is about a 10-minute drive from Greenville. Beaver Cove has many of the same features as Sandy Bay, including rentals with western exposure, quiet neighborhoods, and dirt roads. A nice feature about the Beaver Cove vacation rentals is that Beaver Cove Marina (where you can launch your boat for a small fee) is within 5 minutes of most homes! There is also access to nice association beaches with amenities like an outdoor fire pit, picnic table and small playground, depending on which properties you rent.

Lily Bay

(Moosehead Lake – Eastern Shore) is also located on the eastern shore of Moosehead Lake; it is about a 15-20 minute drive north of Greenville. Lily Bay is well-known for Lily Bay State Park. This state park has been here for over 40 years and is situated on 925 acres of unspoiled wilderness and waters. With access to the Lily Bay State Park, visitors can enjoy swimming at a beautiful sandy beach with spectacular views, a boat launch, playground, and walking trails.


is located in Kokadjo (Ko-KAD-jo) with a population, “Not Many!” It is about a 25 minute drive north of Greenville following the east side of Moosehead Lake. First Roach Pond is an 8 mile long, 128 foot deep lake that is great for fishing and the area is heavily populated with wildlife, especially moose. First Roach Pond has brook trout, landlocked salmon and lake trout. The famous Roach River which is fly fishing (catch and release) is in this area too. Be careful on the 25-minute drive from Greenville, because you never know when you are going to see a moose on the side of the road! This area is also very popular in the wintertime for snowmobiles and located close to ATV trails too.

Lower Wilson Pond

is about 5-10 minutes east of Greenville and is a 7-mile long body of water, with depths reaching 100 feet. It is great for swimming, fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and all other water activities enjoyed on a lake. Depending on the location, enjoy views of Elephant Mountain. In fact, a popular day trip is to check out the B-52 crash site on Elephant Mountain that occurred in 1963. We have vacation rentals on both the western and eastern shore of Lower Wilson Pond. The eastern shore is also referred to as “Rum Ridge” and is a more recent “development”. Most of these properties have naturally-occurring shorelines with trees/rocks, so there is a nice pebble association beach in the area with a boat launch and walking trails through the woods.

Harford's Point

(Moosehead Lake – Western Shore) is located only a few miles outside of Greenville, or about a 5-10 minute drive up the western shore of Moosehead Lake. This is an association similar to Beaver Cove and Sandy Bay, but just on the opposite shoreline. You will pass by the “Junction Wharf” – a large public boat launch area with a sandy beach, picnic tables, and you will see people trying their luck at fishing off the end of the wharf too. Continue along the western shoreline of Moosehead Lake and watch for moose on a drive to Rockwood and scenic Mt. Kineo.

Lambs Cove

(Moosehead Lake – Western Shore) is a private, secluded cove located approx. 17 miles north of Greenville on the western shore of Moosehead Lake. Sand Bar Point wraps around the cove keeping it well-protected. The handful of properties that we have in this location range from a rustic camp to the most luxurious homes! If you need a couple of supplies it is just a short drive into the next town of Rockwood.


(Moosehead Lake – Western Shore) is a small town that can be seen on the map about half-way up on Moosehead Lake on the western shore, where the waters taper before opening back up to enter the northern end of Moosehead Lake. Perhaps one of the most scenic spots in this whole region is Mt. Kineo. No, it is not an island as many locals will say, but it is only accessible via boat or ferry shuttle. Mt. Kineo is rich in history and heritage and is a great place for a day trip! Play a round of golf, hike to the top, or take a dip in the refreshing waters at the gorgeous pebble beach in the shadows of the 700 ft rock cliffs. Regardless of where you stay, you will want to come and see Mt. Kineo via car, boat, or seaplane!


is located less then 2 miles west of Rockwood. Brassua Lake actually feeds water into Moose River via the Brassua Dam. Moose River then drains into Moosehead Lake. This lake is very popular for fishing and because it is dam-controlled when the lake level is low it reveals some beautiful beaches along the shorelines.

Toe Of The Boot

located on the northern end of Moosehead Lake. From Greenville to Toe of the Boot it is approx 40 miles (with the town of Rockwood in between). By boat it's only 6 miles to the town of Rockwood for gas or supplies. In such a remote location some of the most beautiful homes are built here.

Lake Hebron

is located 12 miles south of Greenville in Monson, which the majority of visitors pass through on the trip to the Maine "North Woods." Lake Hebron is about 4 miles long, peaceful and serene. A great location for all outdoor enthusiasts, but hikers especially! Located just off the Appalachian Trail, vacationers to this area can enjoy easy access to the AT!

Big Wilson Stream

is located in Elliotsville Twp, about 10 minutes east of Monson and Lake Hebron, and 20 minutes south of Greenville. The Big Wilson Camp which is located on Big Wilson Stream is in a truly unique location with the waterfalls and the soothing sound of moving water. Many days are well-spent soaking up the sun’s rays along the river, and at night looking at the stars by a campfire. Big Wilson Stream is located in the perfect area for outdoor enthusiasts