Terms and Conditions

Short-Term Transient Rental Agreement This Rental Agreement is made between property Owner, and property Renter. Northwoods Camp Rentals, Inc. P.O. Box 825, Greenville, Maine 04441, (207) 695-4300, represents and works for Owner, as a rental agent and is hereinafter referred to as Rental Agency.
1. Description of Property and Lease Term. Renter hereby agrees to rent this property hereafter referred to as Rental Unit, beginning on the Arrival Date and ending on the Departure Date.
2. Rent and Fees. Property Renter agrees to pay the fee schedule and total reservation cost.
3. Payment Schedule. Property Renter agrees to pay 50% of the total reservation cost at the time of the reservation, the remaining 50% deposit is due 30 days prior to arrival.
4. Accidental Damage Coverage & Security Deposit. As part of the Accidental Damage Coverage, the Renter is protected in the event of accidental damage to the Rental Unit resulting from Renter or Renters guest(s) or Renters invitees in the amount up to $750.00 (seven hundred and fifty dollars). If repairs exceed this amount, the Renter is responsible for all additional costs. The Accidental Damage Coverage does not cover damage as a result of negligence or willful and wanton conduct. The Accidental Damage Coverage does not cover pet-related damage. Renter must notify Northwoods Camp Rentals at once of any damage during occupancy and submit a written report or the Accidental Damage Coverage is null and void. If applicable, an additional security deposit shall be held by Owner through the Rental Agency until after the Departure Date of this Rental Agreement. Security deposit is not part of the amount owed as rent or other fees. The security deposit will be returned after the Rental Agency verifies that the Rental Unit was left, after the Departure Date, in as good condition as when it was given to the Renter and if the following conditions have been met: There is no damage to the Rental Unit beyond normal wear and tear as defined under 14 MRSA 6031. The Rental Agency reserves the right to charge additional monies in the Rental Agency’s sole discretion for; excessive messes and/or cleaning and/or if conditions listed in this rental agreement is not met. There are no delinquent fees owed and there are no toll charges on the Rental Units telephone. All debris, garbage, rubbish, etc. (and animal waste when pets are permitted) are disposed of properly and removed from the Rental Unit and/or premises as instructed by Rental Agency. All keys are returned to the Rental Agency at the Departure Date.
5. Occupancy/Occupancy Delays. Only those persons named at the end of this agreement are to reside in this Rental Unit. Should a group exceed the maximum number of people as stated, they will be required to vacate the property immediately without refund. If Owner or Rental Agency is not able to give possession of Rental Unit to the Renter at the agreed upon Arrival Date, the Renter will not be responsible for paying rent for the period of time that he is unable to take possession of the Rental Unit. If Rental Unit is sold prior to the Arrival Date of this rental agreement and the new Owner is not interested in renting, all monies will be refunded to Renter.
6. Subleasing. The Rental Unit may not be sublet by the Renter.
7. Heat/Utilities/Refunds. The Owner will furnish the Rental Unit and provide all required heat, hot water and utilities to the Rental Unit. When alternate forms of heat, such as a woodstove, are allowed by the Owner, the Renter agrees to use the alternate forms, such as a woodstove, in a responsible manner. While the Owner is responsible for supplying the utilities, the operation of all utilities, appliances and/or equipment is not guaranteed, therefore no refunds will be made for their interruption or failure. No refunds will be made for inclement weather or if Renter leaves the Rental Unit prior to the Departure Date.
8. Telephone. If the Owner supplies a telephone at the unit, the Renter must use a calling card for toll calls. If Renter makes long-distance calls it is the Renters responsibility to pay for all toll calls made during their stay as well as an additional $50 service fee.
9. Renters Obligations. Renter shall use the premises for residential purposes only; the Rental Unit may not be used as a place of business or as a domicile for conducting illegal activities. Renter agrees to keep the premises in as good repair and condition as found, and there is no damage to the Rental Unit beyond normal wear and tear as defined under 14 MRSA Section 6031. Renter agrees to yield up the premises at the Departure Date along with all of Renters personal possessions and leave behind all the property belonging to the Owner and/or Rental Agency. At this time, Renter agrees to return the key to the office of Northwoods Camp Rentals or other agreed upon location. A $25 fee will be charged for each key not returned on Departure Date and/or cost of replacement locks if deemed necessary by Owner. Renter agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of the Owner and/or Rental Agency, as well as, all those of any applicable association. Renter agrees to be a considerate neighbor by not causing any undue or unnecessary noises or disturbances. Renter agrees to leave the Rental Unit, inside and outside, in a clean and sanitary condition. Renter agrees not to make any alterations or additions in or to said Rental Unit and/or premises. Renter agrees not to rearrange furniture in or about the Rental Unit nor attach anything to the floors, walls, ceilings, doors or any of the equipment in the Rental Unit or elsewhere on the premises. Renter is responsible for properly disposing of garbage as instructed by Rental Agency. Renter may not change, replace or alter any lock nor add any locks to the Rental Unit without the expressed written consent of the Owner. Renter agrees not to remove, trim or cut any trees, branches, shrubs, bushes, etc. on the Rental Units premises or that of the neighbors. Renter also agrees not to cut, saw, chop any wood in the Rental Unit or on any of the porches, decks, patios, etc. NO power saws are to be used on the premises at any time for any reason.
10. Law. Renter agrees not to violate any local, county, state or federal laws in or about said Rental Unit and/or premises.
11. Parking. Renter shall park in the assigned parking area only. Renter agrees to use that assigned parking area in a considerate manner so as not to cause any undue or negligent damage to the areas lawn, bushes, trees, shrubs, buildings, etc.
12. Entry/Inspection. Whenever permitted by law, the Owner, Rental Agency or other agency may, at will, be entitled to enter the Rental Unit to inspect premises and/or unit, make repairs, and show the premises and/or unit to others who might be interested in buying the property.
13. Cancellation Policy. This Rental Agreement and the tenancy created hereby may be terminated by either party hereto through providing notice of such intended termination to the other party, such notice to be given not less than 90 days prior to the Arrival Date. This notice shall be given first through person to person telephone contact (if possible), followed by written notification through letter or otherwise at which point the 50% (fifty percent) deposit (or other deposit amount as previously set forth herein), shall be refunded less a $100 cancellation fee. No monies will be refunded for cancellations made within 90 days of the Arrival Date. Contact the office for the snowmobile season cancellation policy. However, under no circumstances, does this limit the Owners right to give Renter shorter notice as permitted by law. (See section Occupancy/Occupancy Delays).
14. Pets/Smoking. If pets are allowed, Renter agrees to remove animal waste, keep pets off furniture/beds, on leash outdoors, all vaccinations are up to date, nails clipped and flea medicated. Renter must also complete and return a separate pet policy. Smoking is prohibited in the residence and on the premises. If evidence of smoking is found, or evidence of pets is found in a no pets property, it will result in a cleaning fee and penalty up to $500.  
15. Role of Northwoods Camp Rentals. As the Rental Agency, Northwoods Camp Rentals only role in this transaction is to facilitate the lease arrangement between the Owner and Renter. Northwoods Camp Rentals makes every effort to fully and completely answer all questions asked by the Renter and to accurately represent and describe the Rental Unit and property; however it does not guarantee the satisfaction of either the Owner or Renter, and any problems relating to the rented premises.
16. Linens. Blankets & pillows are provided. Some Rental Units provide sheets & towels. If sheets & towels are not provided, Renter must supply their own or contact Northwoods Camp Rentals for linen rental services.
17. ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND ASSUMPTION OF RISKS OF RENTING WATERFRONT PROPERTY/ENGAGING IN WATER ACTIVITIES. Renter realizes that there are inherent dangers in renting waterfront property and for engaging in water activities, including but not limited to swimming, other water activities and watercraft activities and engaging in and/or use of same upon water may involve hazards, including but not limited to the following: 1) Falling, diving, and/or swimming, where there are no lifeguards present to rescue me/us from further injury or drowning; 2) Changing water flow or currents, trees, branches, rocks and boulders, submerged and/or semi-submerged objects; 3) Varying wind and weather conditions, the presence of other watercraft, the speed at which I/we travel, the stability characteristics of a watercraft, equipment failure, and my/our sense of balance and inability to control the craft or follow instructions can pose a dangerous risk to my/our sense of balance and inability to control the craft or follow instructions can pose a dangerous risk to my/our safety; 4) Collision, upset, overturn and sinking can result in getting wet, injured, exposed to the elements, and/or drowning; 5) An "act of nature" which may include tree falling, rock falling, inclement weather, thunder and lightning, severe and/or varied wind, temperature or weather conditions; 6) Travel to and from the activity; 7) Hot and cold weather related injuries and illnesses including heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and hypothermia; 8) Traveling by foot or watercraft through wooded areas and strenuous terrain; 9) Accidents or illness in remote places where there are no easily available medical facilities. Renter also realizes that risks and dangers may be caused by the negligence of the Owners, Northwoods Camp Rentals', and their respective employees and agents, or the negligence of participants or others, and that risks and dangers may arise from foreseeable and unforeseeable causes. I fully understand, acknowledge and assume, for myself and for my minor children, the aforementioned risks, dangers and hazards. Further, I, for myself and for my minor children, hereby waive any claims as the result of same and hereby indemnify, hold harmless and release Owner, Northwoods Camp Rentals, and their respective employees and agents from same, as more particularly described in paragraph 18 herein below.
18. Indemnification, Hold Harmless and Release. Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Owner, Northwoods Camp Rentals, the Rental Agency, and their respective employees and agents from any liabilities or any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or relate to the rental of the Rental Unit and/or premises, including but not limited to, any and all claims or liability whatsoever, whether it be for personal injury, death, and/or damage or loss of property, that may in any way arise out of or relate to the rental of the Rental Unit or any rental equipment, or which is made or incurred by Renter, guests of the Renter, or the Renter's invitees, whether such loss or damage be caused to Renter or others. Renter hereby releases Owner, Northwoods Camp Rentals, the Rental Agency, and their respective employees and agents from any and all liability for any such personal injury, death, and/or damage or loss of property of Renter and Renter's minor children, if any, resulting from the Owner's, Northwoods Camp Rentals', the Rental Agency's, or any of their respective employees' and agents' own acts of negligence. Renter understands that Owner, Northwoods Camp Rentals, the Rental Agency, and their respective employees and agents are not responsible for the consequences of their own negligence, that is, their failure to use reasonable care in any way in the operation of this Rental Unit and/or premises, as well as in the installation, maintenance, adjustment and use of any rental equipment. Renter, on behalf of him/herself and his/her/their minor children acknowledge that he/she/they are freely and expressly assuming and accepting any and all risks of any such personal injury, death, and/or damage or loss of property.
19. Default. Renter acknowledges that because the duration of Renters Occupancy is on a Short-Term Transient basis only, Renter does not acquire the status of a Tenant nor is Renter entitled to the protections afforded to a Tenant under the provisions of The Maine Revised Statutes. Accordingly, in the event that Renter is in default through failure to pay rent or other required monetary payments as set forth herein, or is in default in complying with any other provisions of this Rental Agreement then Owner or Owner through Rental Agency shall have the right without prior notice to proceed to evict Renter which eviction may include an Action of Forcible Entry and Detainer under which Renter shall be considered as a squatter, under laws of the State of Maine without Entitlement to prior notice. Failure on the part of Owner or Owner through Rental Agency to exercise such option hereunder, and to institute Eviction through Forcible Entry and Detainer or otherwise in the event of default on the part of Renter shall not constitute a waiver of rights to do so in the event of subsequent default.
20. Other. This Rental Agreement is the whole agreement between the Owner and Renter, and all prior agreements, understandings, promises, statements, whether by Owner or Rental Agency are merged herein. This Rental Agreement may be modified only by written amendment, signed by both parties. Nothing contained in this Rental Agreement shall be construed as waiving any of the Owners rights under the laws of the State of Maine. I have read and understand the Rental Agreement and I understand that I am responsible for covering all costs associated with this reservation as stated in the Rental Agreement. I will ensure everyone in my party abides by the Rental Agreement. RENTER AND OWNER AGREE TO ALL THE TERMS OF THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT. WITH SIGNATURE, RECEIPT OF COPY IS ACKNOWLEDGED.